Deisha Sin Welcomes you.

I just had to share a picture of my latest playtoy. He needs a bit more training but it is amazingly pleasurable training him. And to all of the women out there who are sitting at home lonely, stop sitting there! Men are everywhere and with a litttle knowledge and coaching, you can have a nice hottie like Breshard eating out of your hand. I will be posting here often, and sharing my techniques for women to learn to control their relationships, not be controlled. As most of you know I was born in Europe, France to be precise. And due to having the leader of one of the major European countries secretly filmed being disciplined by me, I was forced to flee for my life. First to Spain and finally to your own United States. I have settled in Sarasota, Florida which to me is so much like some of the wonderful places I remember from Europe. The people are sophisticated and wealthy and they don’t mind paying to have their sexual fantasies fulfilled. I live a wonderful life on the ocean and now it is time to let some of the truth about who I am and why I was forced to flee Europe and my home come out. I have run as far as I am going to run. Now for better or for worse, I make my stand her in the little piece of paradise on earth.  So please, leave me a comment and introduce yourself to me, I’m always open to meeting interesting and sexy new friends.

Deisha Sin

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